Hi there, I’m Katia. I have a quite diverse professional background, from an engineer to a CFO. But my area of interest has never been limited to work. I have always tried to “decorate” my life with all kinds of colours, attending different courses and classes. For example, cutting and sewing, cooking, pottery, sommeliers, art and music, a myriad of workshops on various subjects, including psychology, history, science, etc.

So, I have something to share and I will be happy if you find here something insightful and inspirational for yourself.

What else… I am a woman near 50 years old, a mother of an incredible daughter, wife of an amazing human being, an advocate of a healthy lifestyle (completely disappointed with the gym, though), a world-traveller for many years, and a life-long learner.

I believe I can help you to reframe your thoughts about health, money, relationships, love for yourself and for the world. If you are ready to immerse yourself in your beliefs and make profound transformational changes for a lifetime, I look forward to serving you as profoundly as possible.

You can start by reading my articles.