How Did I Get Here?

Where to begin…

This is my first blog post, and I have been preparing for this article for a long time. I learned from the best bloggers how to write a brilliant article that all people will read to the end, what structure and context should be if you really want to be on the first lines that come up in the Google search engine, what are the best blog article headlines that can easily get your attention, etc.

And to be honest, I have spent about three weeks attempting to write “the best article I can” that meets all of these requirements, but it turns out that when you are trying to write something you do not truly believe in, it is not going to be perfect just because there is no a piece of your soul in it and it does not touch people’s hearts.

So, after much hesitation and anguish, I decided to devote the first article simply to answering such basic questions as who I am and why I created this blog, what I am going to share with you, and who could potentially be interested in what I am going to publish here.

Firstly, a little bit about myself. I used to identify myself with my profession, and when people asked me “Tell me about yourself” I started by saying “I have a quite diverse background from engineer to CFO with 20 years of experience in Finance in different industries. Recently, I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney where I was studying MBA Finance and International Business…”, etc.

After such an introduction you can probably suspect that this blog will be about finance stuff, and I thought so too. However, it turned out that spent 20 years in the financial industry and achieved a high degree of professionalism and excellence in this field, I suddenly realised that I really no longer want to be involved in the world of corporate finance, at least for the time being.

What I really want is to help people to navigate life through this fantastic world of excessive possibilities that perhaps not everyone can imagine, and show that after the age of 45 you can truly enjoy life even more than before. So, my goal here is to help mature people not lose the taste for life (especially when all social “duties” are fulfilled, such as “build a house, plant a tree and have a baby”), live a full life and truly enjoy your life’s journey.

How am I going to do it? Apparently, by sharing my knowledge, experience and passions, providing some tips and helpful resources that can motivate you and help you to have a more vivid and fun life. Despite the fact that I have no expertise in coaching, psychology or any aspect of the human psyche, I do have a fairly extensive life experience, some parts of which, hopefully, will be instructive for someone and inspiring for others. Or maybe it will be useless at all, but definitely fun, I promise!

So, let’s get started on this journey by diving a little bit deeper into my drama in order to check if the chemistry arises between us.

A girl in a thoughtful pose stands in the park and looks somewhere.

Ever since childhood, I have tried to be the first in everything: the first to tell a verselet, the first to answer an arisen question, the first to dress for a walk, even the first to finish eating porridge at breakfast. This innate quality, inner impulse inevitably pushed me to quick and decisive action. The people around me unanimously insisted that I was a born leader and I thought the same, to be honest.

The realisation that being the first is not the same as being a leader came later when I got my first promotion at work. Up to this point, I have proudly held the title of “leader”, having been chosen as the kindergarten sports equipment “manager”, the middle school board chairman, the high school class leader, and the university group coordinator.

Using pressure and determination, I compensated for my insensitivity to people, and being exacting towards myself and others allowed me to succeed regardless of the circumstances, and sometimes in spite of them. I attracted people, they fed on my energy, in return I sometimes used them to achieve my own goals. This continued until I started losing, first in relationships and then in business.

Having received my first promotion as head of the finance department, I enthusiastically took up my duties. I believed that such traits as courage, tendency to dominate, self-confidence, as well as professionalism in the financial field would help me to succeed and become an effective leader.

However, these were acts of self-expression, not leadership, as I later found out in one of the leadership training. The coach told us that the difference between self-expression and leadership is that the former is a manifestation of individuality, it can be aimed at attracting the attention of others, while the latter is the ability to inspire others, lead them to achieve common goals.

Now I remember that period of my life with gratitude, but at that time it was a painful moment when the awareness of my own imperfection comes when it is necessary to reconsider the values and outlook on life.

Red alarm clock on the grass and the inscription on the side: "Time for a change."It was my first turning point. Later, there were several more similar periods of searching for truth and harmony in myself, revealing my leadership potential, which definitely begins with the ability to manage myself, my own state and motivation, the development of systems thinking, flexibility and the habit of living in multidimensional space. And this process of professional and personal growth will never stop.

Now when you know a little more about how my personal development began, let’s just stop here and answer more precisely the rest of the questions I pointed out at the beginning. So, having professional knowledge in finance, in-depth experience of self-development and a healthy lifestyle, certain wisdom in human relationships, I’m going to share here my thoughts on personal finance (including budgeting and investing), talk about my experiments with diets and various physical and spiritual practices on the way to a healthy lifestyle, as well as share my insights on maintaining harmony with yourself, with others and with this wonderful world.

Thus, individuals with different backgrounds who feel stuck, who have lost their zest for life, who want to live life to the fullest, who seek personal financial advice, or who wandered in here by accident are welcome!

Let’s begin this journey!


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